KJC Edits

I've been editing since 1984 and working as an editor in Boston since 2004. I have substantial experience editing technical reports, policies, procedures, product documentation, essays, research papers, poetry, Internet drafts (see the IETF for more information), Power Point™ presentations, ad copy, feature stories, interviews, columns, and reviews.

I can edit in Microsoft Word document format, Rich Text Format (compatible across Macs and PCs), or plain text. I can annotate PDFs using Adobe's comment function. I can also edit work submitted in MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Access formats. I can also mark up hard copy if that's what you need.

I can edit for spelling and grammar. I can edit for style, suggesting word-choice changes and proposing adjustments to streamline the flow of the piece. I can edit for voice, ensuring the whole piece sounds like you and not like the bored undergrad voice you may not realize you adopted when you were writing that particular passage you didn't like.

I can guide you in tightening up your own writing habits and tendencies and help you become the wordsmith you've always wanted to be!

Plus, I'm a nice person. I genuinely like making writing better. It is not my goal to make you cry; criticism will be professional, but always gentle.